Compiling dev/test only modules

Garrett Smith g at
Wed Jul 6 13:33:07 EDT 2011

I tend to use a long running Erlang shell in my workflow, along with
Mochiweb's reloader module to keep modules up-to-date when I'm

A major part of this is running tests and examples in the shell.

For this I need to run a shell with the right path. In particular, I
have a make file that adds .eunit.

I'd like to extend this to "examples" as well.

So, my questions:

- Is there a way to explicitly compile non-src directories like "test"
or perhaps "examples"? I can get tests to compile by running the eunit
command, but this has the side effect of running the tests. I just
want to compile them.

- (This might be the same as the first question) Is there an easy way
to extend the set of directories that are compiled but that aren't
included in "ebin" or slated for inclusion in a release. I'm thinking
in particular of an "examples" dir that I can compile optionally and
then include the beam dir in the shell erl process.


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