proposal - handling releases, release notes, tagging version.

Andrzej Śliwa andrzej.sliwa at
Tue Jul 12 14:12:02 EDT 2011


rebar doesn't really have releases now, so I propose to add releases. Would
be great if we can start introduce it, (for example can by easly managed by
git-flow, I have good experiences with it). I can help with that If you
consider this proposal. I think that alway is better to have tags with
versions for which we can have point, comparing etc.

If some one need aditional info about how git-flow helping handling
releases, hotfixes, features I will explain in more details.

We can then also add then release notes to not waste your time for asking or
searching on mail groups (to find out why something is changed) or in git

I suggest also to removed functionality (as in dialyzer example) move to
external plugin (for legacy compatybility, in same way like Rails doing with
functionality which going out) and leave deprecation message until next
release with short description where you can find legacy plugin and how to
add it.

Z pozdrowieniami / Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best Regards

Andrzej Śliwa
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