proposal - handling releases, release notes, tagging version.

Andrzej Śliwa andrzej.sliwa at
Sun Jul 24 13:42:00 EDT 2011

so... if nobody is against, who can help me with introducing my idea in life

Andrzej Sliwa

2011/7/13 Tim Watson <watson.timothy at>

> 2011/7/12 Andrzej Śliwa <andrzej.sliwa at>:
> > Hi,
> > rebar doesn't really have releases now, so I propose to add releases.
> Would
> > be great if we can start introduce it, (for example can by easly managed
> by
> > git-flow, I have good experiences with it). I can help with that If you
> > consider this proposal. I think that alway is better to have tags with
> > versions for which we can have point, comparing etc.
> I think semantic versioning is a very good thing. +1.
> > I suggest also to removed functionality (as in dialyzer example) move to
> > external plugin (for legacy compatybility, in same way like Rails doing
> with
> > functionality which going out) and leave deprecation message until next
> > release with short description where you can find legacy plugin and how
> to
> > add it.
> I think this is a great idea. There will be some edge cases where it
> won't work, for example at the moment plugins don't get to participate
> in the "preprocess" stage of command execution, which means moving any
> core/internal rebar module out into a plugin might break existing
> behaviour if that module was relying on this. Overall though, this
> would be a very neat way of deprecating things.
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