proposal - handling releases, release notes, tagging version.

Tim Watson watson.timothy at
Mon Jul 25 04:17:50 EDT 2011

2011/7/24 Andrzej Śliwa <andrzej.sliwa at>:
> so... if nobody is against, who can help me with introducing my idea in life
> Andrzej Sliwa

I think the developers/maintainers are in the best position to deal
with the actual versioning policy for rebar - they should do this
themselves IMO because they're the ones who have to maintain it and
decide on the policy etc. In terms of moving deprecated stuff into
external plugins, you can do this yourself by just taking the module
that is going to be (or already has been) removed and implementing the
plugin yourself. Host it on github and it can be fetched as a
dependency and used by whoever likes it. For example:

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