newbie questions about rebar

徐晓滨 xuxb1979 at
Fri Jul 29 20:47:39 EDT 2011


    I'm a newbie to rebar and I have some questions about it:

    1. It seems rebar won't start compile unless there's at least one
application (*.app.src?) created,
        for example:
        ./rebar create template=basicnif module=c_api_nif
        ./rebar compile      --> won't compile
        ./rebar create template=simpleapp appid=quest_serve
        ./rebar compile      --> it's now working although there're compile
errors in nif c file.

    2. If my application needs more than 1 nif modules, how to arrange the
file directory?
        I'm considering configure sub_dirs in rebar.config:

       -nif   --  subdir

       But as for question 1, this solution should create unnecessary
application files, that's
       not what I want.


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