newbie questions about rebar

徐晓滨 xuxb1979 at
Sat Jul 30 10:31:55 EDT 2011

Hi, Tuncer,

    Thank you for your answer.

> Which version of OTP do you use?

The OTP version is R14B03, the newest one.

 It's not the best structure for modularity, but you can use a single
> directory:
> c_src/nif1.c
> c_src/nif2.c
> src/nif1.erl
> src/nif2.erl
> src/

  Then it should be only one file to generate in this way, right?

   What can I do if I want to generate and, since they
belong to totally different categories of the system, I don't want to mix
them up.
   I've googled this for a while, but found nothing.

   Thanks again,

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