Rebar problem

David Smith dizzyd at
Sun Jun 5 00:58:36 EDT 2011

Off the cuff, I'd say you're getting bitten by lib_dirs. IIRC,
lib_dirs is ~= ERL_LIBS, so you might actually want "../../../.." to
get the desired result. Reltool does some strange (or at least,
counter-intuitive) things with lib_dirs, use them with care.


On Sat, Jun 4, 2011 at 6:10 PM, Mike Oxford <moxford at> wrote:
> Appid = MyApp
> NodeId = NodeA
> NodeId = NodeB
> NodeId = NodeC
> MyApp
>    src
>    ebin
>    rel
>       NodeA
>            reltool.config
>       NodeB
>            reltool.config
>       NodeC
>            reltool.config
> rebar.config "subdir" set to "rel"
> reltool.config files all have lib_dirs set to "../../.."
> rebar generate force=1
> It always works for the first node.
> It always fails for the second node with
>         "ERROR: Unable to generate spec: list dir
>  MyApp/rel/NodeB/../../../MyApp/rel/NodeB/NodeB/lib/myapp-1.ez failed
> If I do it by hand, every directory works fine, A-B-C.
> If I reorder them, the first one always works, the second one always fails,
> eg C-A-B would fail on A.
> If I only do one of them, there are no issues; it seems to be a problem
> generating multiple nodes in the same pass.
> The myapp1.ez does exist as a file, but the "list dir" seems suspicious as
> well.
> Ideas?

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