rebar plugin issues

Tim Watson watson.timothy at
Mon May 2 03:48:05 EDT 2011

On 2 May 2011 08:45, Tim Watson <watson.timothy at> wrote:
>> Loading from ERL_LIBS is handled by the code server so it also works
>> in an escript.
> Which means that it works fine if you've installed a plugin *globally*
> or if you pull it in using deps and compile the deps first. Presumably
> you only need to "compile twice" if the plugin is meant to respond to
> the compile command, which isn't always the case.
> +1 for the idea of having plugins automatically compiled from source.
> Perhaps if we added {rebar_plugin_dir, Path} to the config, then add a
> rebar_plugin_compiler module (that runs before rebar_erlc_compile)
> whichs compiles all plugins in that directory. Presumably
> rebar_plugin_compiler could export preprocess in order to update the
> code path too?

And adding root_dir to the global config would be really handy too (as
per Dizzy's earlier comment).

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