Is it real to use rebar without git binary?

Aleksandr Vinokurov at
Mon Feb 20 08:02:51 EST 2012

Hello all,

I'm looking on the rebar for the first day. And can't build Riak's deps on
a Linux machine with lack of git. I'm starving for a big help or docs about
the way rebar works with git. And it seems to me that there are close to no
way in using rebar without git installed.

DEBUG: Entering /import/home/aleksandr.vinokurov/otp/riak-1.0.3/deps/sext
DEBUG: Consult config file
DEBUG: is_app_available, looking for App edown  with Path
DEBUG: vcs_vsn: Fallback to vcs for
INFO:  sh info:
        cwd: "/import/home/aleksandr.vinokurov/otp/riak-1.0.3/deps/sext"
        cmd: git describe --always --tags `git log -n 1 --pretty=format:%h
ERROR: git describe --always --tags `git log -n 1 --pretty=format:%h .`
failed with error: 127 and output:
sh: git: command not found
sh: line 0: exec: git: not found

I've grabbed edown from the github by hands and even ``./rebar compile''-ed
it but rebar still want's to sniff its version number, yak...

Is it ever possible to accomplish it without git?

Александр Винокуров
+7 (921) 982-21-43
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