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Joel Meyer joel.meyer at
Tue Feb 21 18:16:29 EST 2012


I'm attempting to create a wrapper for the erlang thrift library so that I
can include it as a dependency in another project. Anthony suggested using
the svn repo with a path to the erlang lib, which works until rebar
attempts to validate the dep is a valid app:

ERROR: Dependency dir /Users/joel/osrc/ethrift/deps/thrift-lib-erl failed
application validation with reason:

This is caused because the app ships with, which needs to
have variables replaced and turned into I tried adding a
post_hook for get-deps that would do that, but that doesn't work because
post-hooks don't get run when validation fails. I can write a bash script
that checks out the dep and does the substitution in a pre-hook, but then I
don't get any benefit from all the rebar code for handling deps.

Anyone have any ideas on best way to approach this?

Here's the rebar.config I've got so far:

{ deps, [ { 'thrift-lib-erl',
            { svn, "", "1208187" } }
] }.

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