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Geoff Cant nem at
Tue Feb 21 21:11:15 EST 2012

Hi there, I had a lot of trouble on a previous project that required thrift from Erlang. One of the things we ended up doing to make our lives easier was to extract the erlang Thrift library from the main thrift distribution and maintain it independently. We cleaned up a lot of compile and dialyzer warnings this way and were able to host the resulting library as a stand-alone git repo which made rebar integration as easy as it should have been in the first place.

The thrift project has seldom shipped worthwhile or necessary updates to the Erlang bindings in my experience, so the effort of maintaining it as a fork was minimal. Unfortunately I no longer have access to the fork we came up with, but it's not too difficult to do yourself.

Good luck with it,

On 2012-02-21, at 15:16 , Joel Meyer wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm attempting to create a wrapper for the erlang thrift library so that I
> can include it as a dependency in another project. Anthony suggested using
> the svn repo with a path to the erlang lib, which works until rebar
> attempts to validate the dep is a valid app:
> ERROR: Dependency dir /Users/joel/osrc/ethrift/deps/thrift-lib-erl failed
> application validation with reason:
> {missing_app_file,"/Users/joel/osrc/ethrift/deps/thrift-lib-erl"}.
> This is caused because the app ships with, which needs to
> have variables replaced and turned into I tried adding a
> post_hook for get-deps that would do that, but that doesn't work because
> post-hooks don't get run when validation fails. I can write a bash script
> that checks out the dep and does the substitution in a pre-hook, but then I
> don't get any benefit from all the rebar code for handling deps.
> Anyone have any ideas on best way to approach this?
> Here's the rebar.config I've got so far:
> { deps, [ { 'thrift-lib-erl',
>            "0.8.0",
>            { svn, "
>", "1208187" } }
> ] }.
> Thanks,
> Joel
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