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Alessandro Sivieri alessandro.sivieri at
Fri Feb 24 17:44:23 EST 2012

Hi all,

I'm trying to write the configuration file for a framework that I'm
writing, and I have a doubt that I hope you can clarify. An application
written with this framework should have the following structure:

|     src/*.erl
|     ebin/*.beam
|     deps/myframework
|     deps/myframework/src/*.erl
|     deps/myframework/src/my_parse_transform.erl
|     deps/myframework/ebin/*.beam

When I launch the compile target, rebar should do the following: a) compile
all the myframework sources (compile the parse transform module, BUT do not
use it to compile the other myframework sources), then b) compile
myapplication sources USING the parse transform module.
Is it possible to write this thing? How? The important part here is that
parse transform should be used only when compiling the application, but not
the dependencies; I know that rebar supports parse transform, but I don't
have a precise idea if this should be working or not.
I may move my_parse_transform.erl file into myapplication sources (because
an application using my framework is created with templates and rebar, so I
can include that file in the template directory), but given the fact that
it is part of the framework, I would really like to leave it there.

Thanks for your help,

Sivieri Alessandro
alessandro.sivieri at
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