Parse transform and dependencies

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Fri Feb 24 18:54:19 EST 2012

You don't need to move the parse_transform source at all. Instead, I
think you'll find this can be done with the following steps. Firstly,
you want to make sure that the compiler (that is to say, the compile
module in stdlib) can 'find' the parse transform in the first place.
Now this requires the following two things

1. the beam is on the code path during compilation
2. the header file via which you include the parse transform can be
located when you do -include_lib(....)

The first item is dealt with by rebar. After you run `rebar get-deps
compile` the beams for the dependency should be on the code path for
every future command. In theory this means that the parse_transform
module should already be on the code path by the time your application
modules are being compiled.

The second item only matters if you're including the parse_transform
in your application (not framework) modules by header inclusion. If
you are doing that, then you need to add the following line to your
(application) project's rebar config:

{lib_dirs, ["deps"]}.

This ensures that when the compile module is doing its work and the
'-include_lib(...)' instruction is being processed, calls made by the
compiler to resolve the location of the include file (probably using
code:lib_dir) actually work.

If you want *every* file in your application to be processed using the
parse_transform however, then I'd suggest another approach. Set the
parse_transform up in the erl_opts (compiler options) section of your
rebar config. This would look something like

{erl_opts, [{parse_transform, my_parse_transform}|MoreCompilerOptions]}.

Hope that helps.



On 24 February 2012 22:44, Alessandro Sivieri
<alessandro.sivieri at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to write the configuration file for a framework that I'm writing,
> and I have a doubt that I hope you can clarify. An application written with
> this framework should have the following structure:
> myapplication/
> |     src/*.erl
> |     ebin/*.beam
> |     deps/myframework
> |     deps/myframework/src/*.erl
> |     deps/myframework/src/my_parse_transform.erl
> |     deps/myframework/ebin/*.beam
> etc
> When I launch the compile target, rebar should do the following: a) compile
> all the myframework sources (compile the parse transform module, BUT do not
> use it to compile the other myframework sources), then b) compile
> myapplication sources USING the parse transform module.
> Is it possible to write this thing? How? The important part here is that
> parse transform should be used only when compiling the application, but not
> the dependencies; I know that rebar supports parse transform, but I don't
> have a precise idea if this should be working or not.
> I may move my_parse_transform.erl file into myapplication sources (because
> an application using my framework is created with templates and rebar, so I
> can include that file in the template directory), but given the fact that it
> is part of the framework, I would really like to leave it there.
> Thanks for your help,
> Alessandro
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