Riak Hardware Requirements

David Pratt fairwinds.dp at gmail.com
Sat Dec 12 00:05:51 EST 2009

Hi. Riak looks very interesting. I appreciate that you have made it  
public. It would be good if on the site there could be some mention of  
hardware requirements. With the experience of a couple of years of  
running this in production, I am hoping someone can provide reasonable  
recommendations for hardware such as RAM requirements, drives being  
used (SAS or SATA and size), size of the RAID volumes being used, and  
the number of physical members in a reasonable production cluster  
setup. What are the implications of a larger number of 4 drive  
commodity machines versus a smaller cluster of high volume 16 or 24  
drive machines? I am concerned about density these days for power  
consumption and rack space so higher volume storage appeals to me as  
does virtualizing where you can deploy it.

I am currently using 16 drive filers for storage with volumes for  
pooled storage for vm's.  For those that already have the experience  
of running on vm's, it would be particularly good to hear about  
running Riak using virtualization for production.

The other question that comes to mind is securing traffic between  
nodes. I am personally interested in a setup that would involve  
cluster members that are geographically separated but secure (where  
you are fully in control of routing and security policies). In this  
scenario, I'd  imagine the cluster members would communicate over a  
VPN which would be a hit on latency. Would be good to hear from  
someone that has run a cluster on ec2, or hybrid between cloud and  
local machines to understand the implications for these types of  
Many thanks.


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