map/reduce in none-erlang?

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Tue Dec 15 08:51:52 EST 2009

Hi Amos,

1. do I HAVE to use Erlang to implement this or can I link code from
> other languages?

Currently, map/reduce code has to be written in Erlang.  However, in early
2009 we'll be releasing Javascript integration, which will allow you to
write custom map-reduce jobs in JS.  We do have some common map/reduce
functions pre-packaged with Riak - see for details.

> 2. where does this code have to be installed? Is it part of the Riak
> client like in the example?

Currently, any Erlang modules referenced by a map/reduce job must be
installed on all machines in the cluster.   The riak client module has
convenience functions for reloading new versions of these modules.

> 3. Where does it get executed? Is it some Erlang magic that gets it
> distribute execution on multiple computers?

Map functions are executed "where the data lives", using Riak's consistent
hashing functions.

> 4. Does it make sense to use Riak only as a distributed key/value data
> store for very large data sets, without taking advantage of map/reduce
> (because our core code base is in C++)?

Absolutely - many users and customers use Riak for key-value access.

> 5. Am I correct to understand that map/reduce cannot be implemented on
> top of the HTTP interface Riak provides (or at least it'll miss the
> performance boost if implemented that way)?

Currently that is the case.   When we release Javascript integration, you'll
be able to upload arbitrary map/reduce functions over HTTP.

 Link-walking (which is just syntactic sugar over a specialized case of
map/reduce) can be done over the HTTP interface.

See : for the HTTP
linkwalking syntax.

> Any pointers to more elaborate map/reduce examples or documents which
> can help me learn more, possibly using other languages, would be
> appreciated. I think I pretty much covered the web site for
> introductory level docs.

This screencast with Bryan Fink has some live examples of link walking:

Hope this helps,

Andy Gross
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