riak won't start

David Smith dizzyd at basho.com
Sun Dec 20 08:42:01 EST 2009

I spent some additional time playing around with this problem. Some

If you start a node like so:

$ erl -name foo

and see something like:

(foo at myhost.foo.com)1>

but on another console:

$ hostname -f

that suggests that you have a "domain" entry in /etc/resolv.conf
(typically assigned via DHCP). Erlang appears to read /etc/resolv.conf
when determining the hostname and ignores the FQDN from hostname. We
can circumvent this unfortunate fact by using a inetrc file.

1. Create a new file called "inetrc" in riak/etc.
2. Add the following line:

{domain, "local"}.

3. At the end of the riak/etc/vm.args add the line:

-kernel inetrc '"etc/inetrc"'

Note the single quotes surrounding the double quotes -- weird, I know.

Now start riak on the console and see if it's got the expected name.


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