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Tue Dec 22 09:15:27 EST 2009

Hello Dominic,

On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 8:57 AM, Dominic Williams
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> I am considering Riak for a telecommunication gateway. I have taken a look at the documentation, and it seems to fit perfectly what we are looking for in terms of scalability and fault-tolerance, except for one thing: we want to deploy the system as two clusters on two geographical sites.

Currently the best way to do this is part of the long-haul replication
package in Riak EnterpriseDS.  It looks like you also filled out a
contact form on the Basho site, so we'll be in touch with you off-list
to help you with that.

> How can Riak be used in such a multi-site setup. For example is it possible to configure Riak to force every partition to have a replica in each site? Or is there some better way?

The in-cluster distribution model and the long-haul replication are
very differently optimized in terms of network usage.  Configuring a
single cluster over WAN is not what you want.

Either I or someone else at Basho will be in touch later today to
discuss your needs.



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