problem building and/or starting riak

Chris Duesing chris.duesing at
Wed Dec 23 01:03:43 EST 2009

I wanted to upgrade to the latest riak, but my Erlang version was too old. I
went to github and upgraded to the latest (erts 5.7.5) I then ran 'make all
rel' from the top riak directory and everything seemed to go fine. I then
ran rel/riak/bin/riak start and got the following error:

escript: Failed to open file:

I poked around and noticed there is an erts-5.7.4 directory at the same
level as the 5.7.5 that has nodetool. I tried copying it over but when I ran
start things really blew up.

Is there a compatibility issue with 5.7.5?

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