scala client for riak

francisco treacy francisco.treacy at
Thu Nov 5 14:17:34 EST 2009

Hi all,

I just pushed a version of a Scala library for Riak, at .
(It's called Riakka, after forking Tim's idea).

Although it's on a very early stage, it feels solid.

It's based on two awesome Scala libraries:
 - dispatch by Nathan Hamblen
 - lift-json by Joni Freeman

Getting started and features are described in the documentation at the
repo page in Github, but it roughly supports basic HTTP verb
interaction, plus conditional get (If-None-Match with vtags), walking
links and saving/retrieving attachments in binary format.

What I would deeply appreciate is feedback on the API. I am less
concerned with the implementation itself, but of course I'm eager to
receive any sort of input.


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