Space usage

Justin Sheehy justin at
Sun Nov 8 11:45:51 EST 2009

On Sat, Nov 7, 2009 at 7:27 PM, John D. Mitchell <jdmitchell at> wrote:

> what amount of the wrapper is per-document and what is
> per-document-per-replicate?

Since the goal is for any of the replicas to be able to be entirely
lost without causing any wider problem, the full document including
wrapper is replicated in entirety.

> What about the growth rates in the ringstate?

The number of nodes and the number of documents do not affect the
ringstate.  You can add as many nodes or documents as you want with no
effect in gossip message size.  There are only three factors which
affect the size of the ringstate currently: number of partitions,
number of custom bucket settings, and number of attached event
listeners.  The latter two may be moved out of the ringstate at a
future time.

> The vector clock size explosion being a
> recent example where some idea of the characteristics would help a lot.

Vector clocks are a necessary part of the metadata, but we have
recently improved the pruning characteristics a great deal (keeping
them from growing too excessively) and there is some work in progress
to make them quite a bit smaller via a packed-binary format.  If you
have had vector clock size explosion I strongly recommend grabbing
riak-0.6.1 or later to see if that helps.


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