querying riak

francisco treacy francisco.treacy at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 07:15:22 EST 2009

Hi all,

Having started to use Riak for a small but real-world prototype, I was
wondering about the way of approaching queries.

I read doc/basic-mapreduce.txt  but I still can't grasp the
possiblities of querying, mainly due to my lack of Erlang knowledge.
>From what I can imagine, once the Map/Reduce functionality is exposed
through HTTP,  functions written in Javascript (ala CouchDB), but with
dynamic queries (ala MongoDB) will be possible. Is this correct?

Do you mind giving some querying examples of the possibilities / how
things could look like? Which would be the limitations?

On the other hand, something related has just been mentioned on the
mailing list:

2009/11/11 John Muellerleile <johnm at basho.com>:
> Indexing and other related features will be part of Riak
> Search as an extension to the core Riak project.  Features will include much
> of what you expect: document / record / field indexing, retrieval by a
> familiar query style, adherence to Riak fundamentals (NRW, etc)...

Does this mean that the querying feature will be only on a
non-open-source, paid product?



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