Millisecond resolution on last-write-wins

Jonathan Lee jonathan_lee at
Thu Nov 12 10:32:46 EST 2009

Can the last-write-wins policy (i.e. setting allow_mult to false) be
modified to support millisecond resolution?

Riak uses the RFC1123 date in the X-Riak-Last-Modified field to
resolve conflicting versions, but this format only has 1 second
resolution.  Can it be changed to be an ISO 8601 compatible date time?
 Or could the resolution use data from the vclocks (which I assume is
not preferable), or introduce a new field?

While multiple updates in the same seconds may not be the majority use
case, the current scheme does unnecessarily give unexpected results in
these cases.  I would be happy to submit a patch, but I definitely
need input on the preferred approach.

Jonathan Lee

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