build 393: adding server results in missing data

B. Todd Burruss bburruss at
Thu Nov 12 19:17:29 EST 2009

I start with a cluster with 2 nodes, N1 and N2, with parameters W=2,
DW=2, R=2.  N1 was started using "start_fresh" and N2 using "start_join
N1".  I point my client to N1 and do 1000 puts and then 1000 gets and
all succeed.  If I start another node, N3, using "start_join N2" and
change nothing else about the cluster nor the farm ... then do the exact
same 1000 gets, some will fail.

It seems like the keys were redistributed around the cluster, but the
data didn't follow.

Is this a known bug?  or am I assuming something incorrect?


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