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francisco treacy francisco.treacy at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 16:42:13 EST 2009

Yes, I'm actually really interested in understanding this.
Partly because I haven't found documentation. If I look around the
NoSQL space I can pretty much grasp how querying works in all stores
(especially CouchDB and MongoDB), but Riak is a bit of a mystery right

Could Riak developers maybe point to resources / roadmap / how to
approach search?

Thanks again,


2009/11/12 Timothy Perrett <timothy at getintheloop.eu>:
> +1
> I too would also really like to understand the feature set in around this.
> Cheers, Tim
> On 12 Nov 2009, at 12:15, francisco treacy wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Having started to use Riak for a small but real-world prototype, I was
>> wondering about the way of approaching queries.
>> I read doc/basic-mapreduce.txt  but I still can't grasp the
>> possiblities of querying, mainly due to my lack of Erlang knowledge.
>>> From what I can imagine, once the Map/Reduce functionality is exposed
>> through HTTP,  functions written in Javascript (ala CouchDB), but with
>> dynamic queries (ala MongoDB) will be possible. Is this correct?
>> Do you mind giving some querying examples of the possibilities / how
>> things could look like? Which would be the limitations?
>> On the other hand, something related has just been mentioned on the
>> mailing list:
>> 2009/11/11 John Muellerleile <johnm at basho.com>:
>>> Indexing and other related features will be part of Riak
>>> Search as an extension to the core Riak project.  Features will include much
>>> of what you expect: document / record / field indexing, retrieval by a
>>> familiar query style, adherence to Riak fundamentals (NRW, etc)...
>> Does this mean that the querying feature will be only on a
>> non-open-source, paid product?
>> Thanks,
>> Francisco
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