Writes with the dets storage backend

Harish Mallipeddi harish.mallipeddi at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 11:50:58 EST 2009


I was playing with Riak this morning. I ran a bunch of simple tests.

I used a 3-node cluster (3 physical nodes). I used the Python client library
(jiak.py) - the client was running on all the 3 nodes and pumping writes by
talking to the local Riak node (localhost as the co-ordinator for requests).
I only got something like ~100 writes/sec out of this setup (used the
defaults - N=3, R=2, W=2; all keys were written to the same bucket; size of
each value is ~10KB). The clients were multi-threaded; disk-utilization
(%util from iostat) was pretty high (close to 100%) on all the 3 nodes for
the disk serving as the dets-store. So I'm thinking I've already pushed it
to the maximum. Maybe I did something else wrong.

I'm wondering what kind of numbers others have seen?

Harish Mallipeddi
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