could_not_reach_node on Mac OS X 10.5

Brian Hammond brian at
Thu Oct 8 18:42:20 EDT 2009

On Oct 8, 2009, at 4:55 PM, Justin Sheehy wrote:

> Something in your local Erlang build or otherwise on your machine is
> very strange:

As it turns out, I began learning erlang a while back, promptly  
forgetting about the ~/.erlang file I had created and toyed with:

	io:format("hello there~n").

> The Riak startup scripts use the output of some invocations of erl to
> determine the flags that will be passed to the actual server process,
> and because your local Erlang installation is printing "hello there"
> before each one it's producing a very broken final command line.

At least I learned something new :)

> argon:riak brian$  ./ config/riak-demo.erlenv
> argon:riak brian$ ./riak_demo.escript !$
> ./riak_demo.escript config/riak-demo.erlenv
> Attempting to connect to 'riakdemo at' with cookie  
> riak_demo_cookie...
> Connected successfully
> Looking for pre-existing object at {<<"riak_demo">>, <<"demo">>}...
>   No pre-existing object found, creating new
> Storing object with new value...
>   Written successfully
> Fetching object at {<<"riak_demo">>, <<"demo">>}...
>   Fetched successfully
>   Object contained correct value

Thanks :)

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