question on replicas distribution

stewart mackenzie setori88 at
Wed Oct 14 22:04:55 EDT 2009

Riak differs from scalaris in one of a few ways that scalaris distributes
replicas in a certain fashion to allow logarithmic seek time.

You guys have instead opted for a scenario where the addressing of the
replica to a node is hashed/baked into the actual key. ....

so having multiple replicas over a few nodes.....

What happens if a first/fresh replica xyz stored on node 1. (and later
replicated to nodes 2, 3 and 4.) Now the addressing in the key points to
node 1. If node 1 goes down. How does the addressing get the value from 2, 3
or 4.

I need to hit the books again! now where did I put that amazon dynamo paper
again? ;)

Kind regards
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