Justin Sheehy justin at basho.com
Thu Oct 15 10:15:48 EDT 2009


We have just pushed riak-0.6 to the bitbucket repo.  A summary of changes:

>From Riak 0.5 to Riak 0.6 there were minor performance enhancements, a
new in-memory storage backend, a streaming interface to map/reduce,
and a few bug fixes.  In a little more detail:

 - The R, W, and DW parameters for client requests are now exposed in
   all of the various jiak client libraries.

 - There is a new in-memory-only backend based on gb_trees which is
   faster than the ets_backend for many common uses.

 - Some bugs were fixed, such as proper handling of an empty ringstate
   directory when pruning.

 - The "bucket_mod" schema parameter can now be set over the HTTP interface.

 - Numerous space and time improvements around basic FSM operations, such as
    - Using nodes() instead of net_adm:ping() to find reachable nodes.
    - Doing less work making vtags
    - Using shorter, fixed-size client ids in vclocks

 - The map/reduce system now allows streaming to and from clients,
   allowing for indefinitely-sized input and output sets.  This is
   only partially documented now, but those wishing to use it
   immediately should see that riak_client:mapred is now implemented
   in terms of riak_client:mapred_stream.

 - The riak_get_fsm now exits much more quickly in the common case,
   which causes cleanup activity such as read-repair and
   delete-finalization to happen faster.  There is no longer a "delete
   window" of any noticable time between the success of a delete
   operation and when the document is actually removed from storage.

 - There is a new bucket parameter, "chash_keyfun", allowing
   per-bucket configuration of the consistent hashing function.
   (that function must still have the type f({Bucket,Key}) -> 160bit-binary)

Starting now, you should expect to see changes hitting the public repository
much more frequently, as we have adjusted the development model at Basho
such that most work is done directly against the tip of that repo.



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