Unable to have my python client connect to riak

Justin Sheehy justin at basho.com
Thu Oct 15 15:05:33 EDT 2009

Hello Dhananjay,

It looks like you're trying to connect to the doorbell port, which
isn't what you need here.

(it doesn't get used at all anymore, and in older versions was a UDP
handshake port)

You want the web port.

>From the riak.erlenv in the distribution, the line you care about is:

%% riak_web_port is the TCP port that Riak's HTTP interface will bind to.
{riak_web_port, 8098}.

Make sure you have a line like that in your configuration file, and
use that port for any jiak.* clients to Riak.  I will ensure that we
clarify this on the website shortly.



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