Resolving list conflicts with possible deletions

Paul Jones pauljones23 at
Sat Oct 17 11:54:19 EDT 2009


This question isn't specifically related to Riak, but I was hoping someone
might be able to give some suggestions. In my application, I want to
maintain a list of links to other keys. This list can potentially be added
and subtracted from. To handle conflicts, it seems like I've got two options
- either mark the bucket as not accepting multiples, and dealing with the
potential of changes being stomped over in concurrent updates; or mark it to
allow multiple and come up with a smart list merging algorithm. I'd like to
go the latter, so it should prevent data loss coming back to bite me

Given two lists, it doesn't seem clear to me how you could tell whether an
entry was deleted by one party or added by the other. One possible solution
I was considering was the idea of adding tombstones (deleted record x), but
these then also have potential for causing troubles. From here, I figured
that if you add a timestamp to the added records and tombstones, you should
be able to work out the heritage. However, this looks to be an awful lot of

I was wondering if there was an easier solution; or if not, if anyone knew
of functionality elsewhere that might be doing something like this that I
could re-use?

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