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Bryan Fink bryan at
Wed Oct 21 15:26:24 EDT 2009

On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 8:51 AM, francisco treacy
<francisco.treacy at> wrote:
> I am new to Riak and I can't seem to find documentation on the HTTP API.
> All I see on the home page is a link to the EDocs - and I don't want
> to use Erlang.

Hi, Francisco.  I think the page you're looking for is:

(From the front page of click "for developers", then
"HTTP interface and libraries" on the right hand side of each page.)

There is a little bit more detail about available query parameters at
the top of the documentation for the Webmachine resource that exposes
the HTTP interface:

Don't worry - it's all at the top in the "Description" section.  No
Erlang knowledge needed.

> Of course I could grab bits and bobs here and there (like I did for
> walking links, from the Riak distribution + slides of the Nosql
> presentation) but, for instance, I have no clue about the HTTP
> map/reduce interface.

Generic map/reduce is not yet exposed over HTTP.  The link-walking
facility is a special case of map/reduce, and we have some ideas in
the works for more exposure, but nothing public yet.

> Is there a wiki somewhere? (maybe where users
> can also contribute?).

There is not an active wiki just yet.  The best way to add your own
updates at this point is to clone the bitbucket repository and commit
new documentation there (then send pull requests, of course).

Good luck,

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