Buckets and riak instances

Timothy Perrett timothy at getintheloop.eu
Sun Oct 25 15:49:00 EDT 2009

Hey guys,

Im just taking a look at Riak - so far, it looks really great!

I have some questions around buckets, and how they correspond to the  
traditional database and/or table found in RDBMS:

In the examples i've seen online, im not sure if a bucket semantically  
corresponds to a "table" or a "database" in RDBMS ways of thinking. I  
think its the former? If so, what is the best strategy for hosting  
multiple "databases" on a single cluster of machines? Would one need  
to create a whole bunch of separate Riak instances running on  
different ports?

Sorry if these are n00b questions or i've missed the point somehow,  
but any advice would be most appreciated!

Cheers, Tim

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