HTTP interface for conflict resolution?

Moore, Jonathan (CIM) Jonathan_Moore at
Thu Oct 29 18:43:03 EDT 2009

Hi, just joined the list after seeing Justin's Riak talk today at NoSQL East.

I'm playing around with Riak, and am wondering a couple of things about client conflict resolution. Looking at the various Java and Python client
libraries, they don't appear to have support for this (i.e. there is just a singular "getvalue" on the JiakObject). Similarly, the documentation of
the HTTP API at: or

don't appear to contemplate this either.

Also, the edoc at seems a little out of date (e.g. riak:client_connect/3 does not exist anymore).

Is there a working example of this somewhere else?

1. Is "allow multi" the default configuration for a bucket? Is this set as part of the "schema" portion of the bucket document?
2. If I do a GET on a key, what does a multi-valued response look like from a raw HTTP/JSON point of view?


Jon Moore
Comcast Interactive Media

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