Timeout deleting resource that doesn't exist

Paul Jones pauljones23 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 12 05:34:29 EDT 2009


I'm experiencing a problem where when I try to delete a resource that
doesn't exist, I'm simply getting a timeout (after the timeout period)
instead of a notfound (which I *think* I was getting with 0.3). Is this
expected behaviour?

Assuming a Riak server running with the demo config, a test case like the
following reproduces it:

1> {ok, Client} = riak:client_connect("", 9000, riak_demo_cookie).
2> Client:delete(aaa, <<"asdasdasdasd">>, 2).
   (Long delay)
3> Client:get(aaa, <<"asdasdasdasd">>, 2).

Apart from doing a get beforehand to see if there really is a value, is
there anything else I can do to avoid this?

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