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30 writes per second is a bit on the low-end of what people usually ask for, so I think that is very doable, even in a single-node scenario on an low-powered EC2 instance.  Depending on how you structure the data and the map-reduce queries, you will still have lots of bandwidth to do dynamic requests.  Best way to find out is to try it, perhaps in parallel to your current setup, and see how it performs.

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On Apr 7, 2010, at 10:30 AM, Jimmy Thrasher wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I'm Jimmy Thrasher, and I'm a technical lead at a startup called Groopd (no, you won't find much yet).  I'm basically a Riak n00b, but I'm aiming to use Basho to serve an event log database we're going to use for various things.  The thing I'm struggling with right now is that we're pre-funding at the moment (read: cash is scarce).
> We're looking at various hosting options, from EC2 to Slicehost to some kind of craziness we host ourselves behind a cable modem.  As far as I can tell there are no turnkey Riak hosters out there.
> What I don't understand and could use your help on, is what the various dimensions are that I can use to determine how to host this stuff.  Even $200/month is a lot for us at this point, and I also want to make sure the DB will scale nicely in price as time goes on.
> Our DB is more or less like this:
> - all writes will be asynchronous.. not affecting the user experience, but there will eventually be a lot of them happening, perhaps up to 30/s (it's a log, after all)
> - for now, reads will be asynchronous, from a user perspective. We're planning to pre-generate the content that gets served to them on a daily basis.  However..
> - we would love for reads to be fast too so we can migrate to more live content
> - high availability is not king for now. The writes will be queued up and will remain queued up until they're successful, so as long as we don't lose data, we're OK.
> Is it a totally stupid idea to start with a 32-bit EC2 cluster comprised of a single node?  Is a 3-node 32-bit setup way better than a 64-bit single node setup?  How should I go about answering these questions?
> Thanks for any guidance you can offer.  I'm looking for directions of exploration more than anything, but if you want to suggest specifics, I'd be very happy to receive them.
> Jimmy
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