Recap for 7/30 - 8/1

Mark Phillips mark at
Mon Aug 2 14:53:58 EDT 2010

Morning, Afternoon, Evening,

Hope everyone had a great weekend. For this installment of the Recap:
a multitude of Gists, a video of Sean Cribbs, Kevin Smith talking Riak
Core, and much more.



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Recap for 7/30 - 8/1

1) Basho hacker Kevin Smith put up a post on his blog that talks about
the Riak Core and Riak K

Post here --->

2) Sean Cribbs got on TV. He was interviewed recently by Dzone to talk
about Riak and Radiant. Grab some popcorn and check it out

Video here --->

3) trogdoro, benblack, brucelowekamp1, and moonpolysoft had a short
conversation about how Riak and other DBs would go about handling
range queries.

Gist here --->

4) vicmargar, rtilder, and benblack had a brief convo about protocol
buffers and pooling connections when benchmarking.

Gist here --->

5) Kryckan and seancribbs had a short chat in #riak that started with,
"Are there any good hosting (cloud) solutions out there for Riak?"

Gist here --->

6) technoweenie posted a link in #riak to his fork of the riak-js
driver that has protobuf support for node.js. Check it out:

Repo here --->

Hopeully we'll hearing more about this in the coming days/weeks...

7) NemesisD, bingledac, benblack, and seancribbs talked Mapreduce over
the weekend.

Gist here --->

8) It was just announced that Basho's very own Rusty Klophaus will be
speaking at the CUFP Conference in October. It's a ways off, but
certainly worth putting on your calendar if you're in the Baltimore

Details here --->

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