Riak Heterogeneity

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Would also like to hear more about this...


On Aug 17, 2010, at 12:52 PM, Michael Russo wrote:

> The Dynamo paper lists heterogeneity as a key principle of the design.
> From the paper:
> "Heterogeneity: The system needs to be able to exploit heterogeneity in the infrastructure it runs on. e.g. the work distribution must be proportional to the capabilities of the individual servers. This is essential in adding new nodes with higher capacity without having to upgrade all hosts at once."
> In the Dynamo design, the number of vnodes per physical node can be tweaked to satisfy the heterogeneity principle.
> Is there any way to do something similar with Riak?  All documentation that I have found states that the number of vnodes is divided equally amongst all nodes, so I am hopeful that there is some other available mechanism.
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> Michael Russo
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