400 on first request for stored key (or bucket contents) and 200 for subsequent request

Mårten Gustafson marten.gustafson at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 11:11:55 EST 2010

1. I write a series of keys to a bucket on node A (using a simple java
client using the raw interface)
2. I request the key (using the raw interface from my browser) from
node B and immediately receive a 400
3. I reload the page in the browser and immediately receive a 200 OK
and the data

I use no R, W, DW flags whatsoever.
The bucket has n_val set to 3 (there's 3 nodes in the cluster, all up and well).

I then deleted all keys in the bucket, manually from my browser (using
the Poster Firefox plugin) and pointed my browser to the root url for
the bucket on all three nodes. Two of them responded with a 400 on the
first request and a 200 with the bucket contents on the second
attempt. The third node responded with a 200 on the first try.

I then sat down and wrote this email and when done, I (in my browser)
reloaded the bucket root url on all three nodes and immediatly
recevied a 400 on all three. A subsequent reload returned 200 and the
bucket contents.

Anyone got an idea?
Any other details I ought to provide?


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