map/reduce fails with documents in jiak

francisco treacy francisco.treacy at
Sun Feb 7 16:10:10 EST 2010

Hi all,

I pulled from tip (at changeset 848:eb93f07000e4) and fortunately
sailed smooth through the installation.

Now trying out some map/reduce examples... but failed in my attempt to
apply any job to my current dataset (the request would take 10-15
seconds and return {"timeout": true} or something similar).

I noticed that the example at stores
data in /raw.  So I did the same with my (json) data (instead of
storing at /jiak) and now map/reduce works.

Is this behaviour intended?  If so, I cannot find it documented anywhere.

(And btw, is there really a difference between /jiak and /raw, if all
I'm doing is just storing data with a Content-Type?)

Any clarifications appreciated.

Keep up the good work!


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