preferred way to benchmark Riak

W-Mark Kubacki wmark at
Sun Feb 7 16:30:19 EST 2010

Dear Riak users,

I'd like to benchmark Riak in the course of my key/value storage
shootout (to be published on my blog). Tests will include get/set
operations per second from/on a single node and more (e.g., four
nodes). Before doing so let me ask you what more (link walking?)
operations you would like to see benchmarked?

In my first, trivial, attempt I have run "'test', 'key '+i,
{'number': i})" by the shipped Python client, and got about 121 (one
concurrent access) to 415 (four) stores/second with one node on a 8GB
AMD Phenom 9550 (2.2 GHz) from another such machine - which I believe
is too low (*). So there must be some sort of bottleneck I am facing.
Did you conduct such a tests? I'd like to hear some numbers for
checking plausibility of my tests.

Beste Grüße,

(*) an asynchronous (libevent), primitive but distributed key/value
store (C++) is able to handle about 50'000 put/s on that machine

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