Cannot start dev1, dev2, dev3 on same machine in Riak 0.7?

Francesca Gangemi francesca.gangemi at
Wed Feb 10 03:57:33 EST 2010

Zubair Quraishi wrote:
> Whenever I try to run the development single machine version of Riak 0.7 it allows me to either start dev1, dev2, OR dev3, but whenever I start the seconf Riak node the second node fails to start. Anyone know a fix for this?
Hi Zubair,

I'm not sure what your problem is, you should attach the latest
Anyway I couldn't start all the three nodes at once either and I solved
it adding the following entry in the etc/app.config file.

{riak_handoff_port, 8098},

Choose a different port for each node.

Kind regards



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