Simple map/reduce gives {"error":"timeout"}

Mårten Gustafson marten.gustafson at
Wed Feb 10 16:11:58 EST 2010


I've been trying to get some simple m/r tests to work. But always end
up with {"error":"timeout"}. I run this on a bucket with 8 keys, which
have a JSON-object with two string key-value pairs in it. Hence; no
data volumes whatsoever.

Attached is the output from "riak-admin logger" during the m/r
processing on which is the node I POST the m/r to. Below
is the m/r i try to run and the bucket info.


Map/Reduce test:
{"inputs":"mrtest", "query":[{"map":{"language":"javascript",
"source":"function(value, keyData, arg) { return [1] }"}}]}

Bucket info:

  "props": {
    "name": "mrtest",
    "allow_mult": false,
    "big_vclock": 50,
    "chash_keyfun": {
      "mod": "riak_util",
      "fun": "chash_std_keyfun"
    "linkfun": {
      "mod": "raw_link_walker_resource",
      "fun": "mapreduce_linkfun"
    "n_val": 3,
    "old_vclock": 86400,
    "small_vclock": 10,
    "young_vclock": 20
  "keys": [
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