Riak 0.7.1 list_buckets times out on Mac OS X but not on Ubuntu

Zubair Quraishi zubairq at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 05:44:56 EST 2010

Hi Rusty,

How long would it take to implement list_buckets still showing the buckets
when a node goes down? I disagree with you where you say list_buckets is not
used that often, as I think that list buckets is a common operation for
DBAs, and if it stops working when Riak goes down then it should be removed
altogether, as a dynamically scalable database shouldn't stop working when a
machine goes down (I thought this was the whole point of being fault
tolerant). Anyway, since I am trying to make a tool to browse a Riak cluster
how else can I get a list of the buckets, which is a common operation in my
use case of a Riak database browser.



On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 6:08 PM, Rusty Klophaus <rusty at basho.com> wrote:

> Hi Zubair,
> Yes, the current implementation of list_buckets expects all nodes to be
> present, otherwise it has no way of finding all of the buckets, so this is
> caused by being down.
> We've thought about different options, such as adding a boolean flag to
> list_buckets that tells the system whether to proceed on error or timeout.
> The upshot is that, list_buckets (just like list_keys) is not generally
> something you want to do often, as it is resource intensive when you have a
> large number of objects.
> Best,
> Rusty
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