Riak maximum throughput

LKolin LKolin at weather.com
Thu Feb 11 12:11:09 EST 2010

We¹re investigating Riak as a means of persisting some data in a very
read-heavy environment. Part of this process is determining the maximum
number of requests a second that a Riak instance can handle, and I¹ve
created a simple Junit test to hammer the box with multiple worker threads
that do reads, writes and deletes. I¹ve found that around 8 concurrent
reader threads, the instance tops out at 950-975 requests a second (these
are very small JSON objects with a single value in them), on a 4-core 3Ghz
Xeon running SuSE x64. 4GB of RAM.

I seem to have pegged the Riak box, since CPU utilization across all 4 cores
is around 90% user, 5-7% kernel and about 3-5% idle. Nothing else on the box
is doing anything, and there¹s around 1+ GB of physical RAM available. No
swap file usage. I tried different back-end storage types, but ets and dets
seemed about the same (??) and fs was noticeably slower.  Does 1000 requests
a second seem like a reasonable upper-end, or have I missed something
obvious, tuning-wise? I¹m somewhat new to this.


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