why innodb?

David Dabbs dmdabbs at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 13:21:04 EST 2010

Thanks for the storage research details David. I'd be curious as to the
performance of BDB 
now versus when you evaluated it. The recent versions seem to have exorcised
some of the  
MVCC demons you referenced:

david dabbs

4.8.26	03 Feb 2010
Changes between 4.8.24 and 4.8.26:

	truncate log record could be too large when freeing too many pages
during a compact. [#17313]

	deadlock detector might not run properly. [#17555]

	three bugs properly detecting thread local storage for DbStl.
[#17609] [#18001] [#18038]

	"unable to allocate space from buffer cache" error was improperly
generated. [#17630]

	DB->exists() did not accept the DB_AUTO_COMMIT flag. [#17687]

	DB_TXN_SNAPSHOT was not getting ignored when DB_MULTIVERSION not
set. [#17706]

	bug prevented callback based partitioning through the Java API.

	replication bug where log files were not automatically removed from
the client side. [#17899]

	bug that prevented a sequence from closing properly after the
EntityStore closed. [#17951]

	gets fail if the DB_GET_BOTH_FLAG is specified in a hash, sorted
duplicates database.[#17997]

Known bugs in 4.8

	Sharing logs across mixed-endian systems does not work.[#18032]

4.8.24	17 Aug 2009
Changes between 4.8.21 and 4.8.24:

	bug in MVCC where an exclusive latch was not removed when we
couldn't obtain a buffer. [#17479]

	bug which could trigger an assertion when performing a B-tree page
split and running 
	out of log space or with MVCC enabled. [#17531]

	bug where a lock wasn't removed on a non-transactional locker.

	incorrect representation of log system configuration info. [#17532]

	GCC 4.4 compiler bugs when building the examples and dbstl API.
[#17504] [#17476]

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