Trying to compile on Ubuntu 9.10

Vick Khera vivek at
Fri Feb 12 17:22:07 EST 2010

On Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 3:29 PM, Kevin Smith <ksmith at> wrote:
> That's an issue with Spidermonkey's API, I think. I'm working on erlang_js pretty heavily right now. I'll take a look and see about fixing that.

FWIW this is where I get stuck on my FreeBSD/amd64 build.  I hacked up
erlang_js to use the pre-built packages of libjs and libnspr4 on the
system, but the libjs is version 1.7 not 1.8rc as distributed in riak.
 I'm building using tip as well (I just ran update to ensure I had the
latest of everything).

I'd like to request that if not building the "rel" version, that riak
use the system pre-installed versions of these libraries.  Or make
that an option.

> --Kevin
> On Feb 12, 2010, at 3:06 PM, Dan Young wrote:
>> That worked, thank you.
>> I did get this @ the end, but it seemed to compile.
>> Compiling c_src/spidermonkey.c
>> c_src/spidermonkey.c: In function ‘sm_initialize’:
>> c_src/spidermonkey.c:126: warning: passing argument 4 of
>> ‘JS_DefineFunction’ from incompatible pointer type
>> c_src/include/js/jsapi.h:1905: note: expected ‘JSNative’ but argument
>> is of type ‘JSBool (**)(struct JSContext *, struct JSObject *, uintN,
>> jsval *, jsval *)’
>> Compiling c_src/spidermonkey_drv.c
>> ==> rel (generate)

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