Script to install Riak 0.8 on ubuntu

Zubair Quraishi zubairq at
Tue Feb 16 03:10:17 EST 2010

Thanks for the help on installing 0.8, but I guess there are still quite a
few dependencies to iron out. Is it possible for someone at Basho to make an
install script for this that just "works". I would create it myself as I did
for Riak 0.7 but I don't quite get this whole 32 / 64 bit thing. I guess my
feeling is that customers are going to think that if Basho can't get an
install script to get something working, then what chance that the customer
have? Sorry to go on like this, but I tried twice unsuccessfully to get 0.8
installed, and I feel the installer is the first thing that a customer sees
so it should be provided. I'll wait for Riak 8.1 I think where I hope you
guys have this working
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