Question regarding backends

Lev Walkin vlm at
Tue Feb 16 05:56:13 EST 2010

I have a few questions regarding riak backends:

1. Besides fs, ets, dets and osmos backends, do you know of any other  
backends whether in private or public use?

2. The arch doc ( says that the  
backend needs to respond to "list keys" request, among others:
	Each node may be configured with a different module for managing  
local storage. This module only needs to define "get", "put",  
"delete", and "list keys" functions that operate on binary blobs. The  
backend can consider these binaries completely opaque data, or examine  
them to make decisions about how best to store them.

My question is whether it is efficient if a database has, say, several  
billion objects in it. It becomes unfeasible to allow the "list keys"  
operation to exectute. Under which circumstances this function is  


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