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Tue Feb 16 12:50:22 EST 2010

El 16/02/2010, a las 12:43, Ben Browning escribió:

> The list keys operation is invoked by the client and definitely won't
> scale well to billions of keys. The stream_list_keys function will
> scale better because it doesn't have to load the entire list of keys
> into memory at once. However, looking through the code it looks like
> it still loads all of a vnode's keys at once.
> Documentation for both is here:
> Storing lists of keys as new objects seems to work pretty well if you
> need to maintain lists of keys.

Regarding this issue, if the "riak way" of saving the key list is having it on an object, my question is: Can I set up a replication level for a specific object? Because I surely would like to have a replication level higher than "normal" objects for this one.

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