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Wed Feb 17 09:54:44 EST 2010

Richard -

You can do this using Riak's map/reduce feature.

Assuming the documents were contained in a bucket named 'foo' you could craft a JSON document like this gist Posting the document to your Riak server's /mapred URL will run the query and return the results as JSON-encoded data.

On Feb 17, 2010, at 9:31 AM, Richard Bucker wrote:

> I must be missing something in the DOC.  Is there a way to GET documents from the DB using some search terms? For example I have some document: /raw/emails/<some uuid> and the contents might be {'created':'2010-01-01','subject':'hello', 'message':'hello world'}
> Using http how would I find all the documents in the 'emails' bucket that were created on Jan 1, 2010?
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